Posters for the People is an In Good Company project in collaboration with renowned artists from across the UK. A campaign to bring joy, art and colour to the streets so that people can spread positivity with art.

We want you to put art pride of place on the front of your home, business, local school, hospital or wherever your heart desires.

Anyone can join in by buying a banner or an poster of their chosen art and all the profits will go to raise much needed funds for Frontline 19.

A free & confidential psychological support service for all people working in the NHS & frontline services in the UK.

All designs are available as a banner or as an art poster.  Banners are sized at 1000mm x 750mm and posters are available in A3, A2 and A1. We have kept the prices low so that they are accessible but if you can afford it please do add an additional donation so that we can raise as much funds for Frontline19 as possible.

All items within 3-4 working days and are also available to ship worldwide and in custom sizes. Please email support@wearefyi.co.uk for more info and customer services enquiries.